Thursday, 30 April 2015

Jersey Update

I've purchased the UK2000 version of EGJJ Jersey airport to see how it fits with my island.  There were some terrain problems with some cliffs visible, especially at the end of runway 08 when used with my custom mesh.  The default mesh looks rather flat and horrible when used with the terrain blend provided by the UK2000 team.  Even the blend provided for us with the Pilot's mesh doesn't bear any real resemblance to reality.

So, I decided to mod the terrain to make it better.

This is how it looks with just my mesh and the UK2000 airport..

This is how it look on a real life approach..

This is how it looks now after my modifications...there are a few more tweaks required but overall its much much better I think.

Here's a video of it in sim...

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Jersey Update - Watermasks

I have been working away 15-20 minutes a day updating the watermask for Jersey so that it is completely accurate to the imagery in FSET.

This is quite time consuming, but I will end up with a really good watermask that looks the part from low level, especially when I add in all the offshore rocks.  Here's a pic showing the parts of the coastline which have been updated so far (shown with the thick red line).  There's still some way to go yet!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

UK Airspace Project Updates

I've now completed the ENR5.1 Danger, Restricted and Prohibited areas, as well as updated the class D airspace changes that are effective today for EGMC Southend airport.

Project completeness to date (02/04/15)
Here's a link to the most up to date files - no instructions yet

IMPORTANT : PLEASE LEAVE ME A QUICK COMMENT IF YOU FIND THIS USEFUL - let's be honest, it's free and updates will only be made for as long as it's appreciated.

3 files need to replace default files shipped with FSX/P3D (backup first please!)

BNXWorld0_amended.BGL should replace BNXWorld0.BGL
(This deletes aerodrome default airspace information)

BNXWorld1_amended.BGL should replace BNXWorld0.BGL
(This deletes other default airspace information)

bvcf_amended.BGL should replace bvcf.BGL
(This deletes default 'center' airspace information)

All other BGL's just need to be added to an active scenery folder - the related section number of the AIP is in each filename.

EGMC changes...

ENR5.1 Danger areas...

ENR5.1 Prohibited and Restricted areas...