Saturday, 21 May 2011

New Hardware

Despite building a machine that I *thought* would be able to handle FSX properly, I've found over the last few months that my flights have been blighted by artifacts and visual corruptions.  Nothing I've been able to do with hardware settings or tweaks has made much difference at all, which has kind of left my motivation for scenery development a bit low.

I've bitten the bullet over the past week though and invested in another 8Gb RAM, Windows 7 and a hybrid SSD HD.  Having installed everything it all works an absolute dream now :) No more crashes due to insufficient memory, no more artifacts or visual corruption and silky smooth framerates everywhere even at speed with Earth Simulations Shawbury Fields and every setting maxed out as far as it will go and in some cases tweaked further than FSX general settings allow. :D

Flying is now not a dream just a reality and after getting married in a few weeks I will happily get back to more scenery design around Liverpool John Lennon Airport....

Monday, 9 May 2011

New ModelConverterX release

I've looked again at Arno Gerretson's FSDeveloper blog and learned there have been some interesting developments with his tools.  Arno has incorporated multi-LOD and hard landable surface support so that's something to play around with and look at after my rapidly impending wedding.

As you can see though from the quick test above there are some of my buildings that can be massively reduced in complexity for lower LODs - this one is a reduction in the order of 80% less triangles to render, down from 2,500 to under 500.  Much of my scenery so far is quite simple due to the construction of the buildings themselves, but this may do something to reduce rendering overheads at distance.