Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Scenery Project Rolls On

Now my wedding is done and dusted, I'll be progressing again slowly with my Liverpool EGGP scenery project...(when the boss allows me of course :p)

First up is to complete the ambulance and fire stations at Speke, picking up where I finished with the industrial estate.  I'll also be looking at the same time to start creating some of the houses in Speke itself as I want to render the whole area around the airport. 

Then I'll move on with more buildings around Speke Hall Avenue, but these may go more slowly as I'm anticipating a lot more difficulty getting access for photos.  Many of the sites have secure areas so I may have to work up textures from scratch and they're likely to take more time to get right.

I'm hopefully looking at 2 weeks for the ambulance and fire stations, then August/Sep to have more of the Speke Hall Ave area finished.