Thursday 2 April 2015

UK Airspace Project Updates

I've now completed the ENR5.1 Danger, Restricted and Prohibited areas, as well as updated the class D airspace changes that are effective today for EGMC Southend airport.

Project completeness to date (02/04/15)
Here's a link to the most up to date files - no instructions yet

IMPORTANT : PLEASE LEAVE ME A QUICK COMMENT IF YOU FIND THIS USEFUL - let's be honest, it's free and updates will only be made for as long as it's appreciated.

3 files need to replace default files shipped with FSX/P3D (backup first please!)

BNXWorld0_amended.BGL should replace BNXWorld0.BGL
(This deletes aerodrome default airspace information)

BNXWorld1_amended.BGL should replace BNXWorld0.BGL
(This deletes other default airspace information)

bvcf_amended.BGL should replace bvcf.BGL
(This deletes default 'center' airspace information)

All other BGL's just need to be added to an active scenery folder - the related section number of the AIP is in each filename.

EGMC changes...

ENR5.1 Danger areas...

ENR5.1 Prohibited and Restricted areas...


Anonymous said...

nice flight today and passed from ground to tower to approach much more realistic, will be flying further afield and hopefully a more realistic ATC

thank you

Kevin Firth said...

Thanks for that :) The airways havent had comms frequencies added, so I'd be interested in any feedback as to whether that would be useful please? K

Nigel French said...

Anything to improve ATC would be a bonus Kevin,nice one so far.


Nigel French said...

Hi Kevin

Downloaded your excellent UK Airspace Scenery Project and it certainty improves Plan-G that I use but found that when I’m flying VFR RAF Brawdy EGDA to RAF Chivenor EGDC as an example, I remain in Brawdy tower frequency all the time until I’m 10km from Chivenor when I’m given an option to change frequency.

I’ve done three flights from different airports and the same thing, can’t tune to Approach frequency when leaving an airport. Downloaded your replacement .bgls and isolated the default ones but have I missed something?



Kevin Firth said...

Hmm, interesting.

RAF Brawdy doesn't feature in my work at all. In fact it was decommissioned in 1992 becoming Cawdor barracks, an army base. My scenery won't offer you any approach freq because to all intents and purposes in 2015 Brawdy doesn't exist!

RAF Chivenor is still in use as a government aerodrome, but is listed in the AIP as Chivenor Radio, indicating there will be no approach control.

The Brawdy tower information must be coming from a different scenery - have you got something installed for there please?

I can't comment on your other flights because I don't know where they were to/from, so if you want to let me know I'll see what I can deduce about them as well?

Cheers K

Nick said...

Hi Kevin

It would be great if you could add the Airway frequencies as well. It would make it much more realistic.

Thanks again for all your hard work


Kevin Firth said...

I'll add that to the 'to-do' list Dave :) Thanks for the feedback!

Unknown said...

Hi Kevin,

These projects are a godsend! I am a Jersey based private pilot and use Sky Demon live with the sim, one of the problems I have got is obviously the fsx airspace being out of date and thus VoxAtc behaving differently to what Sky Demon is showing, installing this strait away! Can't wait for the Jersey scenery as well! Thanks for your work :)


Kevin Firth said...

Thanks George, Id appreciate any feedback on how it works for you or not in practice please, in case further improvements can be made? More Jersey updates to come....

Unknown said...

Hi Kevin, I placed all the files into C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\World. After I had run the indexer in Plan-G3 it looks just like your screenshots, however when I open up FSX (in the flight plan section and the GPS in the sim) for the most part it only shows CTR's and not much else in terms of airspace. Is this expected? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Fantastic project! Thank you so much! Just a small error I found with Birmingham west CTA where the airspace according to charts should be 2500 to FL145 while now its base is 6500.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! ESSEX_APP Recommended this ti me today so thanks to him as well!

Unknown said...


Trying to download the files, but the dropbox link seems to be dead. Any ideas?

Thanks for the great work!


Peter said...

I agree, drop box not working