Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Development resources

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New Updated SBX 3.14 64 bit version

Jersey Rebooted

Following the sad demise of Earth Simulations, I have decided to restart some of my efforts to create some scenery for Jersey island.

It was 2 years and a daughter ago that I did my original work so it has taken me a week or so to relook at what I did back then and to get to grips with how I did it again.

Fortunately I still have all the original development materials which made things a lot easier.

Additionally, I have found that Google have updated their photoimagery for Jersey, meaning I can get a much better fit for my water masks.  (The old 2005 imagery was poor as far as the inland water elements were concerned, but the new imagery is a much better fit for the VE maps I'll be using in FSET)

It will mean first though, that I shall have to redo almost all of the inland water features in Google Earth before I can recompile accurate watermasks through the new 64bit version of SBuilderX, which had also passed me by.

This also wont be a quick or easy scenery to do, as I have virtually no free time to do it in....

As I go through, I think I'll post the links to the updated development resources I'm using, as well as dropbox links to the development files themselves, which will make it easier for anyone to follow what I'm doing by doing it themselves as well, with little to no risk because if it messes up you can restart again with my files :)