Sunday, 15 March 2015

UK Airspace Scenery Project

As most people are aware, the default data shipped with FSX/P3D dates back to 2006 at the latest and probably some before that!

For the past couple of months I have been quietly working on a not so little project to update the airspace in FSX/P3D so that it matches the real world as defined in the UK AIP. 

I have first removed all default data relating to the UK from the stock files.

To date, I have added up to date information contained in:

ENR2.1 - All class A airspace and TMAs etc.
ENR2.2 - Government aerodromes and Military Aerodrome Traffic Zones.
ENR3.1 - UK Lower Airways (surface to FL195)
AD2 - Aerodrome controlled airspace.
ENR6 - Altimeter setting regions

This all works in the simulator GPS units etc, as well as in external flight planner that scan scenery files, such as Plan-G. (Shown below - all UK data shown is bespoke updated material)

Still to be added are:
ENR4.1 - Radio Navigation Aids (Default data to be updated where necessary)
ENR4.4 - Name code designators for significant points ((Default data to be updated where necessary)
ENR5.1 - Prohibited, Restricted and Danger areas
ENR5.2 - Military Exercise and Training areas
ENR5.3 - Other activities of a dangerous nature
ENR5.5 - Aerial sporting and recreational activities
ENR5.6 - Bird migration and areas with sensitive fauna


Bruce Saunders said...

Good work, nice to see someone bringing things up to date

Anonymous said...

I have installed this, when i look in plan g it looks exactly like your pictures, but when in the fsx flight planner or gps it only shows a couple of CTR's. Is that what is supposed to happen?