Sunday, 15 March 2015

UK Airspace - How did I do it?

The key to quickly covering an entire country using real world data was a spreadsheet I created.

As you can see there is an input section at the top left.  All I need to do is cut and paste the info from the Aeronautical Information Publication for the UK (available at

If I include a comms frequency it will automatically include that as well.

All I need to do is press a key and the spreadsheet will output the correctly formatted xml code for use in flight sim for that airspace.  All that needs to be done is to cut and paste that into a txt document and drop it onto bglcomp.exe from the SDK.

Hey presto! There is then a nice bgl to use in your preferred simulator....

Obviously all the magic happens on a sheet behind this one!!!!


Nick said...

Hi Kevin

Been watching this post with bated breath just wondering when this update will be released or better still can you send me the files.

Thanks in advanced

Kevin Firth said...

Lots still to do Dave, the work in progress files are available through CIX VFR Club at the moment but I'll post them in a drop-box link here when it's finished.

Nick said...

Thanks for the update Kevin